Monday, July 26, 2021

Scarborough Marsh in August


"Goldenrod by the Marsh" pastel 14"x14"

Scarborough Marsh in August

Sometimes a particular landscape grabs you and won't let go. This happened to me in Scarborough last August.

I was driving around the Pine Point area looking for some good marsh scenes to photograph. I spotted one  and knew I had found what I wanted.


"Goldenrod by the Marsh" acrylic 9"x12"

This painting journey started with an acrylic painting. It is on canvas and measures 9" x 12".


"Meandering Marsh" pastel  6.5" x 10"

After the acrylic one was done I still wanted to explore the scene so I switched to pastels. This rendition got much more colorful. It is pastel on sanded paper. I put it in my Etsy shop

Then I decided to see what would happen if I switched the format. The first two were rectangular so I went for the square. The result is a 14" x 14" pastel.  I enjoyed painting all three renditions. It is fun to see what happens and how each time my impression changes.


I entered the 14"x14" pastel into the 2021 For Pastels Only On Cape Cod show.  I was so excited to have my painting selected for the show and to receive two awards.

Dawn Emerson, in her juror remarks, said the following about my painting:

 " This painting appealed to me for its exquisite soft edges and feeling of spacious peacefulness. There is minimal description, yet the composition allows us to move into this scene effortlessly. The viewer is transported to this space, and floats down the river with their eyes toward the horizon. Lovely."


I was impressed with what Dawn Emerson said about the entire exhibit  in her juror's statement. She said that, "This exhibit reassures me that humanity will survive and thrive as long as artists remind us of the beauty around us we are blessed with each day".