Monday, September 20, 2021

Full Moon Paintings

 Full Moon Paintings

Full Moon and Stars  Watercolor  Diana Johnson

With the Harvest Moon being today, September 20, 2021, I am putting together some of my "Moon" paintings. I would play Neil Young's Harvest Moon song to accompany this post if I could.

A while ago I spent some time in a playful mood with my watercolor paints.  After a base of deep blue paint, I then splattered opaque, light-colored paint to make "stars". Too fun!

Moon at Sunset   oil   Diana Johnson

Next I will share with you about one time my husband and I took the Sunset Cruise on Casco Bay. It had been reported that on a certain night there would be a full moon visible at sunset so we decided to see it by boat. The ferry took  us all around the islands. Opposite from the sun we could see the moon rise over the water. Then on the way back to Portland the sun started to set. Off to the side was an island with one white house on it. The sunset's illumination made it look golden. So cool!

Through the Trees  Pastel  Diana Johnson

Lastly I will tell you about my painting called, "Through the Trees". It is in my Etsy shop. On one of my evening walks I felt like I was being followed by the moon. Every time that I looked up the moon had seemingly shifted due to my perspective. Finally, I saw what looked like delicate filagree surrounding the moon as I looked through the tree branches.

So remember to look up and enjoy the moon!