Monday, August 9, 2021

Freeport Harbor and Town Park


Freeport Harbor and Town Park

Looking across the Harraseeket River to the harbor.

One of my favorite places to paint is Freeport's Winslow Park. Along with wooded trails and coastal views there is a straight shot down Staples Point Rd to get a view of Freeport Harbor. One day I traveled light with just paper and colored pencils. Looking across the Harrraseeket River at Freeport Harbor I sketched with the colored pencils. When back in my studio I covered over the pencil sketch with acrylic paint.

Colored pencil sketch covered over with acrylics

On another day I set up my easel and painted with oils. This painting is in my Etsy shop. In this painting I wanted to include the top of Casco Castle at the tree line. 

View of Casco Castle from Winslow Park

Built in 1903, Casco Castle was a hotel, amusement park, and zoo! It burned down but the tower remains. There is some information about the castle on the Freeport Historical Society's web page. If you are looking for a nice hike after shopping in Freeport then head over to Winslow Park!

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